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Real Estate Agent /or small Brokerage Firm Web Sites & IDX Integration

IDX/RETS data integration for agent web site is available. Check with your local MLS if they support IDX to provide data or call us @ 718-366-2155 to discuss more options. Please be aware we only provide services with raw IDX or RETS data.

Web Templates - (shown with MLS/IDX Searches)

These affordable web template based web sites for Real Estate Agents /or small RE Brokerage Firms come with its own Admin Panel (PRO5 Light - demo available per request!) to manage your exclusive properties and maintain web leads capturing through web forms from listing details page. Optional features include: MLS/IDX Integration, interactive searches, interactive maps and more (site owner is responsible to provide applicable accounts).

Web Template - I want to be NAVY BLUE

Template Full View - Click Here
Web Template - I want to be GREEN

Template Full View - Click Here
Web Template - I want to be ORANGE

Template Full View - Click Here
Web Template - I want to be BLUE

Template Full View - Click Here

Each template will be individually customized during the setup process (up to 2 hours of design time), these set of work include:

  • agent's image, name, phone number (often in a left upper corner) - please send us your picture;
  • top graphical header (digital image) - we provide one from our collection or if you have one taken in your area, feel welcome to email it to us; we can use this image as a graphical header for web site;
  • Agent Profile - this is a self editing page accessible from Admin Panel; however, it is advisable to send us one or more digital pictures of yourself and text description for your agent profile page.
  • Support/ and training - up to 1 hour by phone in a period of 30 days of purchase.
  • Other colors/ templates available, feel free to give us a call to discuss your design-ideas.
Note: sample graphical templates above shown with interactive property searches; this searches available with MLS/IDX data integration and not included in a basic set up. MLS/IDX integration (raw data) is optional and is a subject of providing an appropriate account by site owner.
Pricing for Real Estate Agent /or small Brokerage Firm Web Sites (template based design) Setup Fee Monthly
Agent Web Site (start up web site, template based design) $295.00 $34.95
Multiple sites (2nd, 3rd, 4th, ...), each: Call $25.00
WebMail Services (Click for Demo | username: demo | password: webmail) $95.00 $20.00
Data back up (optional - protect your data from hardware failure) $00.00 $25.00
Domain Name - client responsible to provide domain N/A N/A

IDX integration (raw data) with interactive searches
Currently we offer discounted prices to following MLS areas:

  • Brooklyn, NY MLS
  • Long Island (including Queens) MLS
Note: discounted prices applicable if ordered together with project (web site ususlly) .
$300.00 $34.95
Special Package Offer: Real Estate Web Site + Admin Panel PRO5 Light + one IDX included (client responsible in providing account) + Leads Management + Buyer Management (Progress Notes, Property Shown ...) + Listing Management (Status: Available, In Contact, Closed, Expired, Off Market; Pictures up to 9, Floor Plan, Virtual Tours ... more..)
Note: IDX offer applies to following MLS's Areas: Brooklyn MLS, LIBOR (Long Island MLS) and Bronx-Westchester (EAMLS); other MLS - please contact us for pricing.
$295.00 $49.95

IDX integration of other MLS - please call for pricing

Call $34.95
Payment terms: credit card as preferred payment.