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Calendar of Events - PHP/Flat File
calendar demo
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password: calendar
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This Calendar System is using flat file for data storage and doesn't require any database. Program is free for non-commercial use. Text data-file based version of this calendar is designed for low to medium loads. For heavy loads we have MySQL database based version. It sells for $40, scripts only.
This Interactive Calendar System written in PHP and has been tested on Linux environments with PHP 4 installed. Likely, it will run on Windows platform with PHP available, but we never tested it.
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Technical Requirements
- Hosting server with PHP4 support;
- or have PHP running on your local machine or LAN
- FTP client to upload files;

If you do not know meaning of those words, likely this product is not for you. In that case you may be better of requesting to handle installation, configuration of this calendar: [Web Request]. Hosted application is also available for a small monthly fee.

WebMail - eMail Processing System
WebMail System is a full featured email service with web interface based on @yourdomain.com. The URL for your email service will be configured as mail.domain.com [mail.yourdomain.com or mail.mydomain.com or whatever your@domain.com is] and will be accessible via browser. And of course this email service will work as a pop3 protocol with your favorite mail program (Outlook Express, Thunderbird or others).
username: demo
password: webmail
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WebMail System is quite affordable for personal use, prices begins @ just $20.00/mo with $95.00 one time set up fee (personal accounts only)

Web Developer Time Monitor
Web Developer Time Monitor is a free to use online Billing & Time Tracking Application. Any web developer, designer, other freelancer is welcome to sign up and start using this Billing & Time Tracking System right now. If you have questions, suggestions or feedback towards this or other product, please send us a [Web Request]