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PRO5 Database is an advanced Intranet System to run Real Estate Companies with multiple office locations, also be effectively used by real estate company with single office. It all depends on your management style, level of technology your Real Estate company and your Agents use as well as other factors.

Please see this diagram below to get a general idea of how this complex web based intranet system works:


The application resides on internet but will be configured for internal use by real estate company's staff only.

Schematically, all those applications, servers, search engines, data exchange, database interface, email server, company's public site and even automatic data export to marketing company - all integrated and work together as a whole mechanism.

On the other end, users of this application, Real Estate company's employees with different login levels can use system simultaneously from single or multiple locations.

System can be configured to allow connections from company's office(s) only (required static IP) or with no restrictions, from anywhere on internet, depending on you management practices and corporate culture of your company.